Life Parc

2/8(sat) 17:00-23:00
@CITAN hostel
Free Party

Koji Nakamura
Que Sakamoto(Huit Etoiles)

LIfe Parc DJs
L Evate

-What’s Life Parc-

Party crew based in Tokyo hosting music event & hotel DJ. The main emphasis’s on good music w/ chill & friendly atmosphere. Mainly organizing free party at open space ,not like club, where everybody can enjoy music regardless of age, sex, & social status.


CITAN is our brand new seven stories hostel located in Higashi-nihonbashi.

Our first floor includes a cafe welcoming all local and foreign customers. Our basement lounge includes a full bar with beers and cocktails from around the world and a tasty dinner menu.

Nihonbashi was the initial starting point of Gokaido during the Edo era where five major highways connected Edo(current Tokyo) to the rest of Japan in which many journeys began in this town.

CITAN aims to be the starting point of every journey that connects the city and people in present time.