<開催中止> Job Jobse at Our Own One

【 営業自粛のお知らせ 】

VENT will close during 27th March to 10th April due to prevent the spread of infection of Covid-19.

We cancel these events below.

03/27 (FRI) Job Jobse at Our Own One

03/28 (SAT) Textasy at N.O.S. × The Internatiiional

04/04 (SAT) Rrose at Mind Off 6th Anniversary

04/10 (FRI) C.E, Hinge Finger, The Trilogy Tapes present

また、前売り券をご購入のお客様につきましては、キャンセル希望の方には払い戻しを行いますので、お手数おかけしますが、 宛に、払い戻し希望の旨を書き添えて開催予定日から1週間以内にチケット購入確認メールを転送して頂けますでしょうか。

We refund the advanced tickets. Please forward the purchase confirmation
mail from RA to within a week from the event date.

We apologize to people who are looking forward to attending the events and support our venue.
Hope everyone understand this situation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in near future.
Thank you.