ZIPANG Art Edition

R領域 / Kensuke Takahashi / 大島エレク / 富田菜摘 / Saori Kanda/ STONE63 / Samaya Design / Forie / Heaven hug design / Ck13 / Kanoya Project / SIGHTRIP / Shogo iwakiri / Mirrorbowler / Taiki kusakabe / Mountain Shape Film

8/6(sat)13:00 - 8/7(sun)15:00

ロイヤルリゾートとして有名な避暑地、那須高原の廃校を舞台に ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL 「ZIPANG」のプロデューサーをキュレーターに、縁のあるデコレーター/ペインターなど、注目の現代アートのクリエイター総勢16組が、廃校に命を吹き込んだサスティナブルな新しい形の施設【NASU UTOPIA -Minosawa Art village】がこの夏オープンする。
オープニングに先駆けて、同会場にて Art にフォーカスしたプログラムを中心に【ZIPANG Art Edition】を開催!

Villa : 地中海をイメージした室内のVillaは4人宿泊できるラグジュアリースペースに、 バーベキューテラス付きの快適空間。

Tent : テント1張り・タープ1張りにつきテントチケットが1枚必要です。


電車:東京駅→那須塩原駅 70分
   仙台駅→那須塩原駅 70分

The location of ZIPANG Art Edition is A summer resort &famous as a royal resort area of NasuPlateau Tochigi Japan The party venue is a very interesting venue that has been Sustainable style Art renovated from a closed school.
16 groups of contemporary art creators curated by ZIPANG producers are exhibiting at this venue.  The name of this venue is UTOPIA-Minosawa Art village Utopia is Grand opening this summer.The opening anniversary of the art festival will be held in ZIPANG ART EDITION!!
Enjoy art, music and outdoor activities Have a nice holiday with Retreatment and chill out! !! Big looove from ZIPANG

■Music & Performance
Announced in the first lineup, The 20th anniversary special art performance of "Dance painter SAORI KANDA" and the live set of the life work project "CHAM" by DJ CMT.
The new credit to the full lineup is the visual art mapping by VJ “idealsolution” to match the deep listening set of “AKIRAM-EN”, AKIRAM-EN” is which is flying around the independent site day and night based in Tokyo!!

As a ZIPANG-like Jpanese HIP HOP ACT, 2MC "RICCHO (RITTO, CHOUJI)" has appeared from AKAZUCHI REC OKINAWA JP , which has been leading the Okinawa HIP HOP scene that shows great excitement. We will deliver LIVE that the sunset time!
Introducing 2 groups of Good local artists.
JAM band "digda" who pursues genreless original sound and is active nationwide, and "DJ Katsu Arai" who is based in Utsunomiya city &Tokyo appears in various big festivals.
Then, from ZIPANG Resident DJ, “DJ Yu-Ta”, “Yukaremix” and “Java” will select Chill Out Music according to the special location!!
And cocktail bar that opens in the music room at midnight DJ is the vinyl collector DJ SEI He is the owner of the crazy bar bonobo and collects maniac music!!

The decorationart of the is "Samaya Design", "Kanoya Project" and "Oshima Elec Sogyo", which are also participating in "UTOPIA PROJECT".

Experience-based live painting by ZIPANG ART PRODUCER & OFFICIAL PAINTER "SIGHTRIP" "STONE63".

Featured program Video mapping using the entire wall of the school building by "VJ idealsolution", which was a huge projection mapping with a width of 60m at "ZIPANG 2019 at Shirahama Flower Park"
Also Beautiful colors visual lighting effects such as analog style Livelighting by HIKARIASOBI CLUB.


Villa : The interior Villa, which has the image of the Mediterranean Sea, is a luxury space that can accommodate up to 4 people, and a comfortable space with a terrace where you can have a BBQ.

Tent : One tent is one tent ticket Large tarps are extra and require a more 1 tent ticket.
Domitory:Dormitory space where you can stay for free. Need a mat or sleeping bag

By Car Tohoku highway Nasu Exit to 30 minutes
By train Tokyo Station → Nasu Shiobara Station 70 minutes
Sendai Station → Nasushiobara Station 70 minutes
※Please use the shuttle bus from Nasushiobara Station to the Party venue.