SECTOR presents "PRIMAL" A new gathering curated by Herbalistek & Dayzero


Herbalistekが旗を振り、SOUND MUSEUM VISIONやWOMB TOKYOという大型CLUBで、DJ KRUSHやGOTH-TRADをゲストに迎えて開催。大きな反響とステップアップを見せたベースミュージックに特化した五感体験型イベント”SECTOR”が、新パーティー”PRIMAL”を話題の新ヴェニュー”HVEN”でスタートさせる。


“PRIMAL” seeks to showcase the stripped-back minimal sounds and primal grooves emerging from the depths of Tokyo's bass music subculture.

Focused on primitive grooves and fundamentals, while being experimental but not obscure, expressive without pretense, and dynamic without intrusion.

In an era where modern music rushes for immediate satisfaction, "PRIMAL" opts for progressive and steady compositions. A new start for Japans evolutionary development in forward thinking bass music, “PRIMAL” sets to start a movement and rendevousz for all the heads of Japan.