Yuri Urano (a.k.a. Yullippe)

 2014年、元ロックマガジン編集長であり音楽評論家の阿木譲氏に抜擢され、「Red Bull Music Academy presents 0g night "DO BLOOM IN THE SILENCE”」にライブ出演。同イベントにて、edition.nordよりカセット音源『test I: i.a.m.y.o』を限定リリースし、即日Sold Outさせる。また同年、関西を代表するトラックメイカーとして、「Red Bull Music Academy presents “LOST IN KARAOKE”」にtofubeats、Seihoと共にライブ出演。
 TEDxKobeへの楽曲提供や、「The Star Festival 2017 “RBMA presents トワイライト・ゾーン”」にて、謎のセレクター“Ghost Selectors”としてDJ出演するなど、その多才さを様々なフィールドで発揮。国産テクノレーベルDifferent10より1st EP『Crash & Reborn』、最新アルバム『Selfish & Anchor』(2017年12月発売)をBandcampから自主リリースしている。
 2018年1月、次世代エレクトロニック・クリエイターオーディション「INTERLUDE from TDME」でグランプリを獲得。日本国内のみならず、ドイツやイギリスなどの海外公演をはじめ、グローバルに活動の幅を広げている。
Born in 1993.Her industrial techno sound and fascinating vocal is drawing a lot of attention from Japanese Techno Scene.
Back in 2014, she was picked as one of the key performer for Red Bull Music Academy presents 0g night "DO BLOOM IN THE SILENCE” by Former Rock Magazine's chief editor Yuzuru Agi.  There, she sold her latest music piece at that time in cassette tape, titled "test I: i.a.m.y.o".  Tape became a hit and sold out instantly, created a national buzz for her.   In the same year, she performed at Red Bull Music Academy presents “Lost in Karaoke” with Seiho and tofubeats, and that introduced her to wider audience.
Since then, she shows her talent in various musical fields.  She produced music for TEDxKobe.  She made an appearance at "The Star Festival 2017"(very popular Japanese Music Festival) as a secret DJ a.k.a "Ghost Selectors", and made a huge buzz.  Her 1st EP “Crash and Reborn” was released from independent techno label "Different10".  And her latest album “Selfish & Anchor” (Released in December 2017) was released independently using Bandcamp.
In January 2018, she participated "INTERLUDE from TDME" one of the biggest audition searching next generation of creators for electronic music, and won the GRAND PRIX.
Recently, she performed several live shows in Europe, starting to get a global attention!