Bwoy De Bhajan

ワールドミュージックとエレクトロニカを融合させた実験的なエクスペリメンタルを奏で、ヨーロッパのフリースタイルシーンを震撼させているデンマーク出身の23歳のアーティストBwoy De Bhajanが初来日を果たす!
ローランドのサンプラー2台を使う独特のスタイルでプレイするBwoy De Bhajanは、若くしてその才能が認められ、ブータンの国際音楽祭への出演をはじめ、ヨーロッパ各国のビッグフェスへも出演を果たしているシーンの要注目のアーティストである。
'Hope of the Year'へノミネートされるなど、経歴も華々しくこれからの活動が期待されている。

The hum and buzz of summer permeates Bwoy de Bhajan’s streams of challenging but pleasant sounds.
The promising producer has a penchant for World Music. At the same time, the talented teenager is clearly influenced by Western electronica of the more experimental kind.
Despite the drowsy groove of the music, this music has plenty of delicate touches, edgy beats, wonky bass lines and Eastern mystique to get lost in.
He is only 20 years of age, but has already sent many crowds into deep hypnosis, including European festivals and venues & Bhutan's first ever International Festival.
No specific genre or style defines the style of music, and he has shown this by playing shows with names varying from Tokimonsta and Daedelus, to Omar Souleyman and Spoek Mathambo.
He was a nominee for 'Hope of the Year' at last years Steppeulven (Critics) Awards in Denmark.
2015 is looking shiny for the young producer, having played the first ever international festival of Bhutan in February, with the travels continuing in Europe in the summertime, with Ozora (Hungary), Lost Theory and Mo:dem (Croatia), Human Evolution (Italy) and more...