JOHN MONROE "Okinawa", Japan's largest tourist destination, is a trading point where all races coexist and various cultures flow from all over the world. Here in Okinawa, a unique underground scene is alive. And John Monroe has supported CLUB CULTURE in Okinawa since the dawn. Starting with soul music, he pursues sound deeply, deeply, darkly, and stoicly, while going through various musical itineraries such as garage, house, Chicago house, hard techno, and trance. In addition to his own musical activities, "John Monroe" has invited world-class artists such as "CARL COX" and "Jeff Mills" to Okinawa, who may not be familiar with Techno, and many legendary artists. I've hosted a party. John Monroe lives and is one of the key players in the Okinawa underground scene. He has created world-class high-quality sound design, and his appearance from Okinawa to the world continues to give good inspiration and inspiration to many track makers and DJs.