Hyde Sunset

Hyde Sunset

ABOUT Hyde Sunset

If you want a night out surrounded by Hollywood's most beautiful and interesting people, perhaps to run into a few well known faces, then you need to check out the Hyde Sunset nightclub, one of LA's best celebrity nightclubs, with all the luxury and class that the city is known for.

Simple parking is pretty essential when you want to have a night out in LA, so Hyde's convenient parking is ideal. Its on-site parking has more than enough places for all the guests, however it doesn't seem to be clear if they always charge or just sometimes, so bring some money with you. Last we checked there is no valet service, but if you're a VIP you might be able to get someone to valet for you.

This is more of a lounge style club, for relaxing and socializing, than an LA dance club. There isn't really much dance space, and the music, although fun, isn't really dance music either. The venue focuses on bottle service, great music, and a lively atmosphere full of beautiful and famous people. Like most relaxed clubs in LA, the Hyde Sunset club opens and closes a bit earlier than the nightclubs. This makes it a great place to start your night, or just for a relaxed night out.

You can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, and the outdoor option is definitely the best. The fresh night air and comfortable seats really enhance the whole experience, letting you really feel the vibrant city all around you.

The Hyde Sunset club features a wide variety in its menu, from fresh, modern Californian cuisine, simply and deliciously prepared, to desserts, to a full bar. They sell red, white, and bubbly wines by the glass and by the bottle, and stock a huge range of different labels and vintages. They also provide delectable speciality cocktails with fun and quirky names, which you can buy in single servings or for the table

One thing to bear in mind is that Hyde Sunset is in high demand for film crews and celebrities. The upside to this is that it is one of the best places to see celebrities in LA. The downside to this is that it is frequently booked for private events, film production, etc. So make sure to get on the guest list and make a reservation, because it would be a shame to turn up at the door only to find out that a private party is underway, or that news has leaked about a celebrity guest and the club is packed.

The dress code is smart casual. Men are recommended to wear clean, one colour, fitted, jeans and dress shirts. Women are recommended to wear sleek and elegant party dresses. Smart shoes are a must: dress shoes for men, high heels for women. Absolutely no sportswear, distressed clothes, loose fitting clothes, or excessive jewellery. Although you may bring bags and coats with you, it is recommended to pay to leave them in the cloak room.

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