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日本は東京を始め全国区、国外はヨーロッパを中心とし、特にアムステルダムで活躍するDJ/SOUND PRODUCER。数々の有名DJ/PRODUCERを輩出したアムステルダムダンスシーンで主流のスタイル、「ECLECTIC」を日本で最初に体現し広めている。



1998年、19才の時に一斉を風靡したカルチャー誌Fineの全国ツアーイベントで、ツアーDJに抜擢され一躍注目を浴び、全国区で活躍。その後様々なメディアに出演し、2006年から3年間INTER FM(76.1MHz)にて毎週LIVE MIXを配信。当時世界中で人気のあったアーティストAMERIEから共演を依頼される程、その頃からMIXの評価が高かった。そのアーティスト性を持って、メジャーレーベルからMIX CD、コンピレーションアルバムの監修など、計6枚をリリースし、音専誌に多く取り上げられた。現在でもハワイの人気ラジオステーションFM BOMB(102,7MHz)にて、MIX音源を定期的に配信している。

2 0 0 8 年からは音楽制作にも取り掛かり、自身の音楽プロダクション「YAMATO BEATS」を設立。数々の楽曲提供、アーティストのプロデュース、リミックス音源をリリース。彼に憧れて多くのDJが集まり、DJプロダクショ




“What’s most important is how much of a good time I can give to the crowd.”Representing Tokyo, DJ HOKUTO is most valued for his eclectic selection of music and superb mixing skills utilising sharp scratching technique. However, what makes him so special is his ability to understand what the crowd wants to dance to. HOKUTO rocks the party every time he spins because not only he knows exactly what they want, but he also has something to surprise the crowd: some crazy live remix, amazing mixing skills and incredible scratch technique. All that makes promoters and clubs world wide want him to comeback for more amazing parties.

As he is a resident DJ in the biggest and most famous clubs in Japan such as ageHa, he also travels around the world as special guest DJ. He has played at over 300 parties overseas and achieved to do Asia tours, US tours and Euro tours. His US tour lead him to have his own DJ mix show in one of the most famous radio shows in Hawaii called FM BOMB (102.7MHz) and is also the first Japanese to be an official DJ for West Coast America’s best record pool “CLUB KILLERS.”

On 2008, HOKUTO established a DJ Agency and music/ event production ZIPANGSTAR. With a total of ten party rock DJs/ Sound Producers with different characteristics, ZIPANGSTAR is known as one of the most indispensable musical creative team in Tokyo that handles countless big parties all over Japan. HOKUTO also produced music for many artists and is now self producing his own music which will be released this year.

With his brilliant song selection and phenomenal mixing skills, DJ HOKUTO will definitely become one of your favorite DJs once you experience his set.