broken haze

Insector labo/raid system/mad smack

切ないメロディーと近未来的なシンセ音、そして力強いビートで大胆に構成された楽曲が魅力のKEISUKE ITOによるソロプロジェクト。 2011年にリリースされたスプリットEP BROKEN HAZE VS B.BRAVOや多くのリミックスワークで 日本だけでなくアメリカやヨーロッパでも注目を集め始めている。パソコンとMIDIコントローラーを駆使したアグレッシブなライブパフォーマンスも魅力の 一つだ。


BROKEN HAZE(Keisuke Ito) is an acclaimed producer / DJ from Tokyo(Japan) whose style draws from dubstep, electro, hip hop, etc. Futuristic synth melodies and glitchy beats are the staple of his genre hopping style.
In 2011 he released another split EP alongside 2010 Red Bull Music Academy graduate B. Bravo(Frite Nite) creating noise both in Japan and around the world.
Broken Haze live/DJ sets consists of a Laptop, Midi Controller and/or iPad setup. His live shows energetic and aggressive to say the least. To this day he has shared the stage with world leading artists, firmly establishing himself as a world class electronic artist in Tokyo.