Sakiko Osawa

幼少期にヴァイオリンとピアノを習得。中高生の頃にミクスチャーロックやパンクに傾倒しバンドを結成、エレキベースを担当した。日本大学芸術学部 音楽学部 情報音楽コースに進学後は音響学、レコーディング、メディア・アートを学び、8つのスピーカーを使用した独自のサラウンドシステムを研究。20歳の頃にレ イヴカルチャーや電子音楽に出会い音楽制作を始める。大学院卒業後はプロジェクション・マッピングや映像ディレクション、Ustream配信の技術を身につけ、常に三角形モチーフの洋服やアクセサリーを身につけるなど、音楽だけにとどまらない様々なアプローチを表現の中に取りいれた。
2014年2月にミュージック・ブランド「OIRAN MUSIC」設立と同時に、オランダ・アムステルダム ” 7 Stars Music ” から「Tokyo Disco Beat」で世界配信デビュー。iTunes エレクトロニック アルバムチャートにて2位を記録する。以降はショウダユキヒロ監督のMVが話題を集めた「Gimme Action feat. Saga Bloom」、人気ファッション・ブランド「THE TEST」とのコラボレーションによる「Zodiac」、斎藤ネコ氏のバイオリンをフィーチャーした「Fullmoon」、CD HATA氏やTonbo氏がリミキサーで参加の「Chronic」など、継続的に意欲作をリリースし続けている。
スリリング且つソリッドでありながら、艶やかなジャパニーズ・ビューティを想起させるサウンドを持ち味に、System 7の名曲「Positive Noise」や、starRo「カクレンボ feat. Chara」 、ナマコプリ「SUSHI PARTY」「マジンガーZ」、Nao Nomura(BASS WORKS RECORDINGS)など幅広いジャンルの楽曲のリミックスワークを担当。
DJとしても上海やアムステルダムに加え、全国の様々なクラブやパーティ、「ENTER.Sake」「WIRED CLASH」「りんご音楽祭」などのフェスやイベントにも多数出演。最近は、演奏家やヴィジュアル・アーティストとの即興セッションを行うなど、シーンの垣根を越えた独自の活動を展開中。

Sakiko Osawa Sakiko Osawa is an exciting and sought after music creator, producer and a DJ, based in Shibuya, Tokyo. Sakiko Osawa was born in Iwate prefecture and started her music career by playing violin at age of 3. Once she discovered a world of Rock in her school days, she formed a mixture rock and punk band and played bass-guitar. Sakiko did not take time to choose her career; she entered one of top art college in Tokyo, Nihon University College of Art, and majored in Music and focused on music information, acoustics, recordings, and media-art. She researched and found her own surround sound system which differs from the standard system but using eight speakers at once. Since rave culture attracted Sakikoʼs interest when she was 20, she approached music by using various inspirations from wide range of un-musical sources. She entered one of the top visual production company and acquired knowledge and skill of projection mapping, visual directing, and interactive broadcast system. Her interest expands to fashion as well, she wears “Triangle” motif clothing and accessories and expands her creativity in music. Sakiko played her live set at “Shibuya Oiran”, one of the famous warm-up bar in Shibuya and met with a DJ, lyricist, and producer of Shibuya Oiran, Venus Kawamura Yuki and scouted to play at her dance music specialized internet radio “block FM”, which is considered as a BBC radio1 in Japan. In 2014, by the support by Oiran Music, she released her first EP “Tokyo Disco Beat” from 7 Stars Music based in Amsterdam and charted no.2 at Electronic Album Chart in iTunes. Her second EP “Gimme Action feat. Saga Bloom” was something special. She tagged with one of the uprising director Shoda Yukihiro and created an authentic but neo futuristic music video, which made her reputation established in Tokyo. Sakiko continued collaborating with various industry, such as fashion brand “TEST”, Japanese legendary violinist and conductor Saito Neko, and Japanese underground resistances like CD HATA and Tonbo. Remix is one of her important elements as a producer, which started off by remixing “Positive Noize” by System 7, Grammy nominee staRo, Nao Nomura, and Namakopuri. Sakikoʼs thrilling and solid character has brought an essences of new Japanese beauty to the industry and attracting Japanese club lovers. Performance at “ENTER.Sake”, “WIRED CLASH”, “Ringo Ongaku Sai” tells that her wide ranged DJ skill and defines that she is the future of the next generation.