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NANO Records / IBOGA Records

かつての隆盛を彷彿させる盛り上がりみせるサイケデリックシーンにおいて、いま最も注目を浴びているアーティスト「SYMBOLIC」。2011年にIlanとDJ Oshoの2人によって生まれたこのプロジェクトは、純粋なサイケデリックミュージックに原点回帰することにより、新たなスタイルを確立し、トランスミュージックの進化形のひとつを示唆した。重厚なベースライン、クランチでファンクなグルーブ、そして抒情的な美しいメロディライン。それらすべての要素が美しく調和したSYMBPLIC SOUNDはデビューまもなく世界中のダンスフロアを席巻し、いまやシーンの中核を担うアーティストに。現在はIlanのソロプロジェクトとなり、サイケデリック〜プログレッシブトランスの最前線リードしている。2017年4月、IBOGA20周年の祝祭を彩る、圧巻のライブに期待が高まる!!

'Symbolic' established by Ilan Shemi & Oshry Ben Simon aka DJ Osho during the middle of the year 2011. Symbolic music style can be best described as, Psychedelic Progressive Trance, heavy fat bass lines, with mechanic rhythms and crunchy grooves, with main focus strictly for the dance floor. Since their first production together, they got incredible feedbacks from the dance floors all around the world and immediately the labels show their interest in working together with them. The first signings 'Crystal Clear' went on a compilation called 'Dance Computer' on 'Iboga Records', compiled by one of the world’s top Progressive Trance DJ’s / Producers, 'Ace Ventura'. Following 'Crystal Clear' was their remix for Ace Ventura & Rocky - Dr. Lupo on Echoes Records, which reached to number 1 on Beatport's Psy-Trance Downloads Chart for several weeks, and become an anthem on dance floors around the world. Two collaboration tracks, one with Liquid Soul called 'Different Reality' and one with Sphera called 'One Step Closer' released on Iboga Records double CD compilation 'Groove Attack' compiled by Liquid Soul. Successful collaboration with Easy Riders (Ace Ventura & Rocky) called 'Flashback' was released on HOMmega Productions.In March 2013 Symbolic released their 'Prime Time' EP on Iboga Records, two tracker EP.Prime Time title track made together with Ace Ventura and a remix they made for Vertical Mode - Lazer Shot. Prime Time was chosen as Beatport's Top 10 Psy-Trance tracks of 2013.During 2013 Symbolic compiled a compilation called 'Sacred Circuits' that was released in the end of the year as physical and digital CD on Zen Mechanics label Sourcecode Transmissions, the compilation include inside 9 exclusive tracks from great selection of artists such as, Zentura, Vertical Mode, Tristan, to name a few. And Symbolic collaboration with Zen Mechanics - Psychological Effects, and Symbolic remix for Sonic Species - Strictly Virtual.Things are looking very interesting for 2014, including more releases to come, collaborations, remixes, and full studio album that will be followed.