ビートに飢えたリズム中毒なイベント 「Rhythmholic」
スウェーデンの天才テクノ・プロデューサー Aril Brikha を招聘して開催する。
数多く世に送り出してきた楽曲の中でも、1998年世界的に大ヒットを記録した Groove La Chord は
デトロイトテクノのオリジネーター Derrick May から「確立されたテクノクラシック」と称され世界中で大絶賛を受けた。
2000年にアルバム 『Departure In Time』 をリリースするも、この珠玉の作品群がファンの心を次々をとらえ
リアルタイムで構築する LIVE SET にも定評がある。

An event addicted to rhythm and hungry for a beat: "Rhythmholic"
We have invited Aril Brikha, a genius techno producer from Sweden, to be our guest this time.
Even among the many songs sent out into the world, his 1998 worldwide hit 'Groove La Chord' received rave reviews worldwide and was called an "established techno classic" by the originator of Detroit techno, Derrick May.
From then on, surpassing both age and generational gaps, at a position as a unique and solitary artist, his popularity has spread explosively all over the world.
His work is based on Detroit techno, and his specialty is making exquisite sounds sprinkled with elements of funk and soul. It's like a glimpse of the threshold between techno and house, and his music contains conflicting expressions, both mechanical and emotional, at the same time.
Even with the release of the album "Departure in Time" in 2000, the same album's re-release in 2011 caused an unprecedented commotion, and this collected work of gems capturing the hearts of fans one after another. In addition, with beautiful sounds overflowing with clarity and his world-view, he has a great reputation for his LIVE SET that builds deep soul, crossing the line in real-time.
His LIVE show intoxicates the audience every time, and with a focus on Europe, the calls of love from the main venues and festivals around the world never die out.
Since 2004 he has been widening his range of activities in Japan and winning new fans one after another each time he visits Japan. He is focusing a lot of attention on this tour in Japan.