Revamp pesents Dash Berlin in Tokyo 2014

EDM / トランス界最高峰の1人、DASH BERLIN が8月15日(金)の REVAMP で初来日決定!!

2007年の "Till the Sky Falls Down" や 2009年の "Waiting (ft. Emma Hewitt)" が世界的に大ヒットを記録し、2010年には "DJMag" 誌のランキングで初登場で15位にランクされるなど、名実共にトップ・アーティストの仲間入りを果たしたオランダのデン・ハーグ出身のトランス~エレクトロニック・ミュージック・プロデューサー、DASH BERLIN。その後は、自身のレーベル、Aropa を軸にコンスタントにシングルをリリースし、2作のアーティスト・アルバム "The New Daylight" と "#musicislife" を発表。2012年の "DJMag" 誌のランキングではトップ10内の7位にランクインするなど、シーンを代表するアーティストとして活躍しています。近年は活発に EDM シーンと交流していて、今年8月末には 3LAU、DISFUNKTION、JOHN DAHLBÄCK らとの共作を含む待望のニュー・アルバム "We Are (Part 1)" がリリースされる予定です。

今回、ニュー・アルバムのリリースを間近に控えた絶好のタイミングで初来日ギグが決定! DASH BERLIN ならではの世界最高峰の最新エレクトロニック・ミュージックを WOMB で表現してくれるはずです☆

Dash Berlin, the most representative for the limit between EDM and trance music, will come in Japan for the first time!! Dash Berlin is an electronic music producer from Den Haag(Haga), Netherlands. In 2007 he released "Till the Sky Falls Down", an international hit. He suddenly came in the forefront. With the support of Armin van Buuren, a leader in trance scene from the same town, Dash Berlin extended his activity in many places and in 2009 he came with the great hit "Waiting (ft. Emma Hewitt)". In 2010 he appeared for the first time in “DJMagTop100”, an international ranking of great influence. He marked the 15th place. Later, he has released constantly singles under his own label with Aropa Records. He has also released under Arops two artist albums: "The New Daylight" and "#musiclife". In 2012 at "DJ Mag Top 100" ranking he climbed in top 10 and marked the 7th place.
Recently he has had intense exchanges with EDM scene. This year he released "Dragonfly" a collaborative song with Carita La Nina from Revealed under Hardwell label. Furthermore, with the release of "Here Tonight (ft.Collin McLoughlin)", a collaborative song with Jay Cosmic, he announces the release of the long waited album "We Are (Part 1)" this summer end of August. The album is mad in collaboration with 3LAU, Disfunktion, John Dahlbäck.
This time Dash Berlin has the perfect timing for his first gig in Japan. With trance music as his main specialty, Dash Berlin will bring his latest original electronic music which is at the highest international peak.