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THE WONDERLAND feat. Paul van Dyk & ASTRIX

DJ MAGランキングにおいて2年連続1位を獲得。
ageHaに数々の伝説を残してきた孤高のスーパースター、 Paul Van Dykが今年も登場!

さらにイスラエルの名門HOMMEGA PRODUCTIONSのスーパースター Astrixが、遂にageHaのステージに降臨。


Ranked No.1 in the DJ MAG ranking for two consecutive years.
The superstar who has left multiple legends behind at ageHa, Paul Van Dyk, comes back to ageHa this year!
To make it even better, much anticipated star, Astrix from the distinguished Israeli label HOMMEGA PRODUCTIONS finally descends on ageHa’s stage.
Two top stars in the trance music scene perform for this premium gig.
Special Early Bird Tickets may be purchased here.

・特別早割(SPECIAL ADV)¥3,500 
 発売開始:8/8(金) ※規定枚数に達し次第終了

・通常前売(REGULAR ADV)¥4,000 
・ageHa MEMBER : ¥4,000
・DOOR : ¥5,000

OPEN 23:00

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