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mule musiq presents cats


世界的に評価を獲得する日本発のレーベルmule musiqが主宰するパーティcats。Contactで2回目の開催となる今回は、Resident Advisorでライブアクト1位に選ばれたKiNKと、ミニマルハウスからエレクトロへ分岐した新たなトレンドを牽引するOskar Offermannが登場。
一方のOskar Offermannは、ミニマルハウスのタイトなグルーヴ感覚を基調にしてエレクトロなど他のスタイルに派生していく新たなトレンドの中心的存在だ。BinhやEdwardらにつうずるスタイルで昨今のダンスミュージックシーンに新鮮な旋風を巻き起こしている彼のDJセットを存分に味わってもらいたい。
国内からはmule musiqを主宰するToshiya Kawasakiの他、Kabuto、DJ PI-GE、Sisiといった熟練のDJたちが参戦!

"The leading Japanese alternative house label brings you up to date with the game"

At the helm of internationally-acclaimed Japanese imprint "mule musiq", cats is now ready for its next installment with two renowned overseas acts, KiNK and Oskar Offermann.
In this age of automated computer music, KiNK’s sets brim with what is often neglected in the game: live dynamics. Ranked as the number one live act in the Resident Advisor online magazine, KiNK is well-known for manual instrumentation which sees the Bulgarian producer pump out solid beats through a live drum machine and weave melodies with his keyboard right before your very eyes. With an entertaining array of musical equipment, his appearance at cats promises to wow you.
Oskar Offermann plays a leading role in current minimal-house-turned-electro trend. With a musically-sprawling style akin to Binh and Edward, the German DJ will leave you beguiled as he pushes the boundary of the otherwise conventional house music. Joined by seasoned domestic acts-mule musiq boss Toshiya Kawasaki, Kabuto, DJ PI-GE and Sisi- the night will guide you to the forefront of alternative house music.