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■Big Strick:

Born in the 70s at the peak of Motown Records, Big Strick was heavily influenced by the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, 4 Tops and a host of other extraordinary acts that blessed Detroit with great soulful music. As a youth, Big Strick started taking to another unique Detroit sound, P-FUNK (PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC), whose style of funky guitar, bass, keyboard, funky synthesizer and drum players led to a style that would change the face of music forever.

As an early teen Big Strick was introduced to house music. At that time The Wizard (Jeff Mills) was the DJ on 92.3 WDRQ. Big Strick recalls “sitting listening in amazement to the radio and would not move until his set was over, saying ‘damn, this guy’s fast’. Spending hours at a time taping him on cassette and walking the 12 blocks t..

After releasing 2 underground anthems on FXHE(Omar S Label) in 2009, Big Strick started his own label 7Days ENT in 2011. New CD featuring Omar S, Generation Next and the return of the legend RECKLESS RON COOK!!! As Generation Next sets the tone for an outer-Galactic experience with Sequence 11 the stage is set for pure deepness only products of Detroit can bring!!! Alongside Omar S on Family Affair, Big Strick & Generation Next (family as well) has orchestrated a masterpiece sure to please the dance floors worldwide!! And if that isn’t enough Big Strick brings to you the return of Reckless Ron Cook!! A rare appearance from the former Submerge and Metroplex artist and a true pioneer of the Techno Movement in the early 90’s. Ron brings you Night Moves a serious banger that will take your breath away!!! Ron is back to stake his claim and put his mark on the music he has helped to become internationally recognized and loved!! This CD has the make-up of being the best cd album of the year hands down!!!
Big Strick returns from his last 12 Alpha & Omega, Following success from his Timeless 12’ and his first debut album Detroit Heat CD/6 song EP on his own labels 7Days ENT. Big Strick has had previous releases on his Cousin Omar S’s label FXHE Records, songs like 100% Hustler and What up Doe/What up Doe Omar S Remix, 2 songs highly respected on the underground scene. You can rest a sure that Big Strick has plans to make 2012 the best year for Deep House by far.
So far this year Big Strick has had the pleasure of playing at Concrete in Paris, France, He is looking to expand his travels this coming year.