EDEN 2024





サウンドシステムは言わずと知れたd&b audiotechnik、EDENを象徴するトライアングルのステージ、歓喜に誘うレーザーと映像による演出、会場を彩るデコレーション、満足度の高い飲食出店と安堵感の強い会場施設、心身を癒す地元の温泉まで、EDEN 2024を堪能せよ!

Phase 1 12,000円(Zaiko 4/15〜5/15)
Phase 2 15,000円(Zaiko 5/16〜6/28)
U-23 10,000円(Zaiko 4/15〜6/28)※23歳以下チケット
Sunday: ¥10000(Zaiko 4/15〜6/28) ※日曜朝9時より入場可

オートキャンプチケット 3,000円(※枚数限定 6/28まで)
VIPエリアテント 5,000円(※屋内施設 枚数限定 6/28まで)


EDEN is held biannually and this year is going to be fourth that including the edition in Katsuura. The theme of this year's event is a 25-hour non-stop marathon rave that will give full expression to "present"sound of the label "Liquid Drop Groove".

The venue is Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture. The Kawaba Ski Resort is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters, half way up the Buson Mountain Range, through a peaceful rural landscape with spectacular views.

In a different approach from last year and past event that the festival is condensed into one night and features six edgy acts from overseas. An epic tale will be told by a total of 12 acts.

The sound system is the well-known d&b audiotechnik, the shape of the triangular stage symbolizes EDEN, the laser and video production is a joy to behold, the decorations add color to the venue, the food and drink stalls are highly satisfying, the venue facilities provide a strong sense of relief and the facilities soothe the mind and body. Enjoy EDEN 2024 from the local hot springs to the soundscapes.