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Filter Rock

Filter Rock
99年にロンドンのMatsuri Digitalからリリースして以来の復帰がついに決定。その第1弾シングルとして、90 年代アシッドテクノグルーブとJOUJOUKAスタイルを融合し、新しいサイケデリックテクノトランスとして蘇るべく豪華リミキサー陣を迎えてEP『Filter Rock』をリリース。今年のヨーロッパフェス、イスラエルの野外フェスティバル等で既にDJTSUYOSHIによりヘビーローテーションされ、絶大なフィードバックを得ている。

JOUJOUKA (DJ Tsuyoshi & Funky Gong) are back on Matsuri!
Their first single having appeared on London-based Matsuri Productions way back in 1999, they are back with a fresh release in their true fusion style, blending classic rock sounds with strong elements of psychedelic techno trance. “Filter Rock” was played by DJ Tsuyoshi at this year’s European festivals and in Israel to overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback. This release features the original mix alongside remixes by both newer and long-established electronica artists. Eat Static’s wildly psychedelic and otherworldly driven remix is followed by Atmos’ more textured and hypnotic progressive version; Nu Goa artist Skizologic gives us a bouncy and highly analog mix, while the legendary System 7 fuses the elements of Joujouka’s original with rock, German trance, and a strong rhythm, before the final version by Yuta & Asteroidnos, with a more tribal and dissonant yet mysterious atmosphere. Six amazing versions of one incredible track!

[Track List]

1. Filter Rock - Original Mix -
2. Filter Rock - Eat Static Flame On Remix - 3. Filter Rock - Atmos Remix -
4. Filter Rock - Skizologic Remix -
5. And Justice Killed - System 7 Remix -
6. Filter Rock - Yuta&Asteroidnos Remix -