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Visionquest, Panorama Bar, Crosstown Rebels / Chile

 Dinky a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias。
 1996年NYに拠点を移し、NYの人気クラブにてレジデントとして抜擢され、若干23歳にして、[Traum Schaallplatten]からデビューアルバム『Melodias Venenosa』がリリースされた。メロディックでエモーショナル、ディープでリズミカルなトラックが人気を博し、プロデューサーとしても高い評価を集める。
 その後、精力的に活動を続けると共にベルリンに拠点を移し、COCOONスヴェン・フェイトからの要望により、2005年『Acid on My Friedge』12インチを[Cocoon Recordings]よりリリース。マッシブなヒットソングとして世界中に彼女の名を知らしめた。
 同年、自身のレーベル[Horizontal]を立ち上げ、2008年には[Vakant]から2ndアルバム『May Be Later』を、2009年にはマシュー・ジョンソンのレーベル[Wagon Repair]から『Anemik』を発表した。
 又、[Cocoon Recordings]からリリースされた待望のミックスCDは、フェミニンな要素をミックスに落とし込み、様々なスタイルのエッセンスを含んだ最高のセンスとクオリティと評価され、世界で最もCOOLな女性DJとして呼び名を集めている。

 Real name / Alejandra Iglesias

 Alejandra Iglesias was born in Santiago, Chile. Thanks to her mother’s influence, Dinky grew up playing the piano and listening to a lot of music. Since an early age she has studied several art forms and for many years trained as a professional dancer and choreographer. She danced in Peter Gabriel’s concerts when she was only sixteen and always felt comfortable on stage. As a teenager, Dinky grew up listening to bands like Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Prince and The Cramps as well as classical and contemporary composers like Brian Eno and Eric Satie. In the mid nineties she was introduced to electronic music, thanks to her sister who was living in Berlin. Artists like Plastikman , Aphex Twin and Carl Craig where the first ones to fill her record collection.

 In 1994, Dinky met Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack, Atom Heart, Luciano and many other musicians that where somehow related to Chile, listening to them she got deeply fascinated by this movement. She was only a teenager when she first learned how to mix records but nevertheless, was soon being exposed to big crowds in Chile. Her first visit to Berlin in 1994 gave her the chance to experience clubs like E werk and Tresor and also to listen to DJs like Hell, Stacey Pullen and Sven Vaeth. This gave her great inspiration from the start.

 In the late nineties, Dinky moved from Santiago to Manhattan to join the Martha Graham School of Contemporary dance. As well as being involved in the Dance scene she also got into the NY Club scene, discovering American house and Detroit techno, polishing her DJing and soon making a name in the underground scene. The same year Dinky made her first visit to a recording studio where she composed a track together with her friend Jorge Gonzales, a Chilean pop star with whom she is still working now.

 Shortly after that, she decided to write her own music and while only 23 was signed to the label Traum Schaallplatten where she recorded many singles and an album CD. As a result, Dinky got the attention from the German press and for the first time was invited to tour Europe and soon after to be part of the "famous friends tour" with Miss Kittin in America.

 Dinky soon became one of the most popular female DJs in NYC. As well as DJing, producing and working in record stores she also ran her party in the heart of Chinatown together with her friend Magda. In 2003 dinky finished her second album Black Cabaret which got a lot of coverage from the media, unfortunately, at the same time she was forced to leave the US due to the post 11 new visa regulations. Soon after, she decided to move to Berlin.

 In 2005 Dinky got signed by Sven Vaeth imprint Cocoon records, with her massive hit "Acid in my Fridge" burning dancefloors all over the world. The single became a top seller and was rapidly signed to international compilations like Ministry of Sound and Fabric and featured in mix compliations from Timo Mass, Toni Rios and Death in Vegas etc. Due to this success Vaeth asked her to be part of the Amnesia Ibiza campaign alongside himself, Miss Kittin, and Villalobos and also asked her to record the Cocoon Mix CD for the 6th season.

 That year, Dinky played the opening party with Vaeth and remained a resident of the season achieving great popularity and respect worldwide. Alejandra has a very busy schedule and lives on tour, she has played Live at international festivals like Sonar, Ten days off, Sonne Mond Stern, Mutek and has DJed in clubs like The End, Cocoon, Privilege, Dc10 and Amnesia to name a few.

 Dinky is also supported by the Circo Loco crew and has a large fan base in Italy and Ibiza. She currently has a residency at the famous Berlin club "Panorama Bar" and has recently founded her label Horizontal which has been getting lots of attention from the media and has also been licensed by the top labels Cocoon, Minus and Resist.

 Currently Dinky is recording her album for Cross Town Rebels (UK) focusing on her label and continuing her usual touring. As a DJ Dinky can rock small underground clubs to massive arenas, her technique has impressed many crowds and her style reminds fresh and exiting without limiting herself to only one line. Her sets can range from house to deep minimal techno, experimental, old school and even funk and soul.