【事前にお読み下さい】「The Labyrinth 2014」早割チケットの購入を予定されている読者の皆様へ

6月18日(水)12時(正午)より「The Labyrinth 2014」の早割チケットの販売をclubberia Online Storeで開始します。販売開始より注文が集中しますので、お申し込みの際は注意事項を事前にご確認ください。

・ご注文頂くにはclubberia My Pageへログインした状態であることが必要となります。アカウントをお持ちのお客様はログインした状態で、またアカウントをお持ちでないお客様はアカウントを作成した後にお申し込みください。
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【Please read this before you purchase】Notice for people who is going to buy pre sale tickets of 「The Labyrinth 2014」

・We will start sending the tickets late in Jun from the customers who are done with the settlement.To any of you who wants to order the tickets and doesn't live in Japan, we are going sell E-tickets from 14th July which you can order from overseas.

・This pre sale tickets are for only customers who lives in Japan. We are not able to send the tickets overseas.
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・We are going to start selling the pre sale tickets of 「The Labyrinth 2014」from 12 noon 18th Jun via clubberia Online Store.
Please read this notice of purchasing because we expect the web server will be concentrated as soon as we start selling the tickets.

・To purchase the tickets you need to log in to clubberia My Page. If you don't have your account, please create the account so that you can purchase the tickets.

・We recommend you to purchase via computer because sometimes purchasing via smartphones and mobile terminal doesn't work well with Paypal system.

You need to create Paypal account if you want to purchase with your credit card.We recommend you to create Paypal account before you order tickets.

・You can order 5 tickets maximum at once. We cancel extra tickets if you order more that 5 tickets. Please make a new purchase if you want to purchase more than 5.

・You need to pay within a week if you choose bank transfer. We will cancel your order if it is overdue.

・You need to input your order number when you transfer. To type in your order number, you should change the name of payee account. Please ask a bank clerk if you have questions.
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