数字の意味を深く考えた事はありますか? 数字の"90"から皆さんはどんな事を想像するでしょうか。
ゲストは、フランスのテクノ・シーンにおいて最も先鋭的な活動を行う、リヨン出身のプロデューサー AGORIA が来日します。
日本の代表は、東洋のテクノ・ゴッド KEN ISHII がカウンターパートナーとして出演決定! 更に、日本人で唯一"Richie Hawtin presents ENTER."のレジデントとして活躍する HITO が、この日のためにベルリンから参戦決定! 各フロア、文化協力90周年をお祝いするに相応しいアーティストが一夜にして集結します。
また、当日はフランス国籍のお客様へのスペシャルな特典として、フランス国籍の方に限り24時までにご入場いただきますと、ID ご提示で入場無料!!

Have you ever really thought about the meaning of numbers? What do you imagine when you hear the number 90?

2014 is a very special year for Japan-France relations. Maison Franco-Japonaise, the pioneer of the French cultural network in Japan, was opened in 1924, which means that Japan and France have been collaborating culturally for 90 years. The two countries have held a wide variety of art, media, literary, and academic cultural exchanges that contribute to the continuation and deepening of their mutually friendly relations. We have decided to celebrate 90 years of Japanese-French cultural cooperation with a music event!
Our guests from the Lyon-based producer Agoria are among the most extreme in the techno scene.
Ken Ishii, an oriental techno god, will appear onstage to represent Japan! That's not all - Hito, the "Richie Hawtin presents ENTER" resident, will arrive from Berlin to join in on the fun! To celebrate 90 years of cultural cooperation, suitable artists will assemble on each floor for a night.
We offer a special boon for French citizens - if you offer your ID before 24:00, you will be admitted for free!
We want to use the '90' event to write a new page in history by facilitating exchange, cooperation and new culture building via music.